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Die 10 Gebote des Interview mit Mario Mantese mariomantese. Konfuzius v. Dalai Lama XIV. Die zweite: das Leben mit den Menschen , darin sie sprachgestaltig wird. Die dritte: das Leben mit den geistigen Wesenheiten , darin sie sprachlos , aber sprachzeugend sind. Durch alle strahlt die eine Gegenwart. September , Literaturzitate Liebe ist schwer. Aber in jedem Fall ist es wert, sich darauf einzulassen. I wanted to live vertically and go deep and slow down.

I know it's hard for you to understand this. Before we went on air, Larry said he doesn't know how to relax, neither does Ted [Turner]. But I wanted — I wanted to go deep into life. And I wanted to really — he was a man that I wanted to show up for. I had been afraid of intimacy all my life. And I worked real hard on myself to get over that, and to get over the disease to please. And I wanted to bring my whole self to the table with this man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And he couldn't take it.


I had to settle for two out of the three. Number one businessman and number one sailor. It takes up so many marriages , and so many affairs [ David Loye, Ph. Social conditions have been changed by women. Women learned to cultivate their internal masculine — maybe even better than men.

David Deida deida. In marriage you are neither the husband nor the wife; you are the love between the two. Ross Woodman : It's a different masculine that can take that No [from his wife]. It's a different masculine. Marion Woodman : I had to have my freedom to make my feminine choice. RW : And when I realized that what I was in love with was your free soul that could stand to its own truth I began to see what you meant by the masculine as not power [domination], not patriarchy, but the new masculine.

And I would say that was its birth. MW : Masculinity and patriarchy are not synonymous. The true masculine is not the enemy of the feminine.

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It's not into power [domination], the way patriarchy is into power. And she [the woman] has also to develop her masculinity. You have a foursome relating: a developed conscious masculine and feminine in both man and woman, but reconciling those opposites is the key to a new birth. Women relate to their animus side differently than men relate to anima, but there is one thing that men and women have in common: Romantic love always consists in the projection of the soul-image.

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When a woman falls in love it is animus that she sees projected onto the mortal man before her. When a man drinks of the love potion, it is anima, his soul, that he sees superimposed on a woman. Robert A. Video interview Ori Brafman , Israeli entrepreneur in business, government, and the nonprofit sector, leading political and advocacy campaigns, How To Click With People Audio MP3 , presented by web radio podcaster Mixergy , host Andrew Warner, minutes duration, posted June The evolution of these three emotion-motivation systems contribute to contemporary patterns of marriage, adultery, divorce, remarriage, stalking, homicide and other crimes of passion, and clinical depression due to romantic rejection.

Li, L. Literary and movie quotes Who ever loves, if he do not propose the right true end of love, he's one that goes to sea for nothing but to make him sick. Every form of marital therapy or couple therapy [based on deficit theories] practiced in the world today has been shown in controlled outcome studies to be hardly effective at all. Audio interview with David D. Burns, M.

April Three fundamental insights of changing one's life — Dr. David D. I am responsible for experiencing a lack of intimacy. I focus my energy on taking self-responsibility for my relationships so they may be transformed into to loving ones. They are based on the law of opposites.

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Paradox : Defending oneself from false criticism proves it true. Burns, Ph. Stage Communicative skill Conflict resolving action Focus 1. Thought empathy Paraphrase what your partner says. Find truth in critical comments. YOU 2. Feeling empathy Acknowledge what your partner feels.

YOU 3. Inquiry Ask your partner general probing questions to get to know them better. YOU 4. Assertiveness Share your own feelings with your partner "I feel xxx Conveying respect Stroke your partner even in the heat of the argument. August , published in Dependence relationship Men are men and women are women. Sterotypes up until the fifties 2. Resulted from women's lib movement in the 60ies 3.

Intimate communion Spiritual relationship I relax into oneness and spontaneously give my deepest gift. He [as the river banks] knows what's best for her and "forces" [directs] her [the flowing river] into it.

Beziehungssucht Und Co-Abhängigkeit Bei Frauen (German Edition)

The Art of Sexual Yoga , J. Police procedurals work best when none of the characters involved are too lovable. Bruce Patton is also a co-author of Getting to Yes. To this day, Edition Man is Fraue best love story I've ever read. This Notebook is bei perfect place to write down epub lists,record your thoughts, plan your day, or just take some time to drawing.

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