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I'm not very sociable, yet very personable. I'm passionate, but not possessive. Loyalty is everything. I associate myself with a small circle of like minded people and I take care of those around me. I'm a nurturer and a giver to a fault. I'm uninhibited, yet reserved and guarded. I'm mild mannered, yet strong willed. I'm quiet, yet outspoken. Indirect, yet straightforward. I'm shy, yet confident. I cradle in the belly of Truth, it's all that I know. Truth isn't always neither popular or welcomed, but it's all that I know.

Truth is something that I make a conscious decision to speak, hear and give away. As I break through mental and traditional chains, I'm discovering the Goddess in me and I'm falling deeply in love with her. Right now is my most defining moment and I'm going for broke. I'm a rebel in her own rite.

I'm a no nonsense and driven kind of girl, one whom loves the hard way. I sometimes have a hard time playing by the rules, conforming to society's set standards and fitting inside anyone's box. I have both a writing style and mind of my own. School of Lust - 0.

I'd recommend using my patch, but the walkthrough can be followed exactly the same without it. Skipping the intro will prevent you from getting the day 1 romance point with the mom, so even if you are replaying the game you shouldn't skip the intro. You don't get any romance points if you trade 1 coin at a time, so you should only trade in 10's or s.

The Lust Diaries: In Her Closet by Tasha Harrison (2016, Paperback)

New sidequest: Rescue the Wambulance! If you need help, check the quest guide: Quest Guide. She felt like it meant a lot to her, but not to him. He shook his head instantly.


He loved both. She laid her head on his chest and let him play with her soft locks. I mean a lot a lot. Not just because of things you do to me, but the things you do for me.

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She loved the attention too. All rights reserved. Romance love romance naruto sasusaku roomates. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site. Raised By Starlight.

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Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. Love or Lust? Book by: Zeej Hawkins. More Details. Chapter 12 v. Well now it's obvious.

Chapter 2 v. The attack of the morning. Chapter 3 v. Chapter 4 v. Chapter 5 v. Chapter 6 v. Chapter 7 v.

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Chapter 8 v. Chapter 11 v. Icomment enabled. Icomment on. Were they both lying to each other to save themselves from embarrassment? Sakura lifted her eyebrows. And from there, things went on until they felt the very best they could ever possibly feel. By night time they were wasted from the days worth of action going on and on and on. One again Sakura flinched. Add Your Comments:. Sign in to write a comment. Order by Oldest Newest.

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