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While its adult humor may not be for the whole family, Reynolds' character will leave you laughing. This remake of the classic Christmas tale is the perfect film to get you in the Christmas spirit. Staying true to the majority of the original plot, the script, acting and production has everything you want in a feel-good family movie. Fall in love with this s classic where two co-workers appear to hate each other, but accidentally fall in love through their anonymous, pen-pal letters.

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Plenty of this gothic romance takes place around the holidays, with some of the movie's most pivotal scenes occurring on Christmas. Starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton in one of the pair's many collaborations, it's a good way to switch up the mood this holiday season. This romantic love story features two amazing performances from leads Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as they play star-crossed lovers in earlys New York City. Much of the storyline revolves around the holidays, so it's a perfect and unique addition to any Christmas film line-up.

In an unconventional Christmas movie, Hugh Grant stars as a rich, irresponsible bachelor who invents an imaginary son to attract available women at single parent meetings, until his plans run him into a year-old boy with problems at school. When Robert Downey Jr. Have a hard time visiting two families for the holidays? This couple, played by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, have it even harder.

Follow their funny and crazy journey in this comedy where they try and visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day. Based on a book by the same name, the one-hour television adaptation originally aired in the late s, featuring the beloved Muppets with elaborate, detailed sets. This is definitely a go-to throwback for you and the family!

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As the story goes, a series of hosts visit him, forcing him to reevaluate his actions. This lates Christmas family comedy taps into the relatable parent experience of tracking down the hottest toy of the season for their kids. Where to stream: HBO.

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As a sequel to the romantic comedy "The Best Man," this emotional yet heartwarming comedy reunites the original cast, extending their stories and strengthening their bond. In the end, the balance between comedy and drama throughout the plot pays off. This classic movie musical is split into four parts, one taking place in each season. It's sweet, witty, and romantic Based on the classic holiday story, your favorite Muppets get a visit from the spirits of three Christmases — past, present and future — and try to guide him through the errors of his ways.

It is the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit and remember what it is truly all about. This romantic comedy is a great way to add some laughs to your Christmas movie marathon. Regarded as one of the greatest films ever made, it tells the story of a man who tries to get ahead in his career, but finds himself distracted by a love triangle. The s comedy brings together an unlikely group to share a message of community, showing the humanity in them all. Based on the beloved Christmas carol, this animated story tells the story of Santa Claus and some of our favorite holiday traditions.

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Then with their daughter unexpectedly coming home, the two have to celebrate the holiday last minute in this PG family comedy. This classic romantic comedy starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan traces more than a decade of friendship. So many pivotal scenes occur during the holidays that it almost has to be qualified as a Christmas movie, and the sweet messages about friendships and relationships are perfect for the season. To this day, I can listen to the soundtrack to that movie and it puts me in the Christmas spirit.

The music is timeless. Take a trip to the North Pole with this animated movie, which features Tom Hanks in five separate roles. Add a little bit of action to your holiday-movie binge with this controversial "Christmas" favorite. Some beloved Christmas tales get a Disney makeover in this three-part animated film. Featuring stars like Kelsey Grammer and beloved characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, kids are sure to love this inventive reimagining.

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Tune into this romantic and seasonal comedy as Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz trade places from halfway across the world to run from problems with love, only to find Cupid has followed. Reuniting once a year for holiday con, these two best friends cause chaos as a mall Santa and his elf assistant until one befriends a young kid who brings out his kinder side. This R-rated dark comedy will keep you laughing.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime. If not, the black-and-white classic featuring the iconic storyline must be added to your Christmas movie lineup this year. Make sure you know what you're getting into when buying Christmas gifts this year — or you might just end up like the folks in this film, who end up dealing with zany, destructive monsters on their hands after a surprise gift goes wrong. While many may disagree on the ranking of these films, one thing we can all agree on Follow along as Allen gains weight and his beard grows white in this s Christmas classic comedy.

A sequel is actually being released a week from the day this list was originally published in March Evil , one of the best horror comedies in recent memory, director Eli Craig has finally returned with another horror comedy exclusive for Netflix , Little Evil. Does she know that her child is the spawn of Satan, or as his mother is she just willfully blind to the obvious evil growing under her nose? To wit: Mascots , his latest film, is still full of great performances and good jokes. Fortunately, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo can get it. Zombieland Year: Director: Ruben Fleischer.

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Zombieland was certainly inspired on some level by the former, as it moved the action to the USA and brought together survivors who were anonymous to each other rather than a circle of friends, as in the tradition of Night of the Living Dead. Featuring zombies that are legitimately threatening, it tows a near-perfect line between comedic but gory violence and character-driven humor.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, then you're missing out on s awesomeness that I honestly wish was still around. Even 10 years and a sequel later, this movie still feels as fresh as the first and will leave you singing along to ABBA songs for days. You're not supposed to fall for your best friend's brother, but sometimes it just happens. At least for Elle, she has the school's kissing booth to think about and it actually helps her in her quest for love.

After the loss of her brother, Terri tries to find her voice again by going to a performing arts program for the summer where she meets new friends and remembers her love of music. She's beauty, she's grace, and she might become Miss United States. An FBI agent has to go undercover after its believed someone is trying to kill the winner of the Miss United States beauty pageant.

Can you hear the bells? That's the sound of us going crazy over Zac Effron as Link Larkin. It won't take long for you to dance and sing along to this movie. After all, you can't stop the beat. This hidden gem shows us the real pain and level of crazy it takes to become a gymnast in the most hilarious way possible.

Plus, the soundtrack features early s rock greatness that will having you reaching for your old iPod to listen to these songs again. All she wants to do is dance and help her community, but there are people who want to stop her from making her dreams a reality. Some of Rachel McAdams' mean girl moments are completely out of control, but a lot of it feels surprisingly real. Plus, it's the only movie that includes "mathletes", puking on a crush, and a person getting hit by a bus and still making it to prom!

You already know. A terminal cancer patient named Hazel and a cancer survivor named Gus fall head over heels for each other after meeting at a support group and go on a beautiful adventure to Amsterdam to meet the author of Hazel's favorite book. Cher and her friends have ridiculous outfits, hilarious one-liners, and pretty-close-to-perfect lives — but they also happen to be really awesome friends.

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There are a ton of great movie versions of this story , but the Lindsay Lohan version is the best. And Chad Michael Murray is at his very cutest in this movie. There is nothing more awesome than watching four best friends go on adventures, deal with major life stuff, and just generally be there for each other.

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