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My Father's Shadow

When I asked my father how he had done it, he confessed that he had routinely whiled away his evening commute constructing those bedtime tales. I regret to this day that none of us ever thought to write them down. Although he seemed to embody the ideal of the self-made man, my father was not terribly rah-rah about the bootstrap fantasy of the American Dream; he was too aware of how tenuous his trajectory had been, how easily his good life could have gone badly instead, how many helping hands and lucky breaks and second chances he had had along the way.

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Still, given his particular bent, having a daughter who got paid to read books was perhaps the consummate example of seeing to it that your kids had a better life than your own. They came with me the summer after he died, when my partner and I moved in together and merged our worldly possessions. Along with the rest of the books, they were the first things we unpacked and put away. And yet, as my father knew, a perfect shelving system is also inherently an imperfect one.

The difficulty is that anything that is perfectly ordered is always threatening to become imperfect and disorderly—especially books in a household of readers. You can put some of these strays away, of course, but, collectively, they will always spill out beyond your bookshelves, permanently unresolved, like the remainder in a long-division problem.

This is a difficulty that goes well beyond libraries. No matter how beautifully your life is arranged, no matter how lovingly you tend to it, it will not stay that way forever. I keep two pictures of my father on my desk now. One is a photograph, taken a year or so before his death, of the two of us walking down the street where I grew up.

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My dad has his hand on my shoulder, and although in reality I am steadying him—he was already beginning to have trouble walking—it looks as if he is guiding me. It is the posture of a father with his daughter, as close to timeless as any photograph could be. The other is the picture of the Stack.

My Father’s Face

Recommended Stories. The fourth and final year of our chronological study of history. Enjoy learning U. The curriculum incorporates all needed language arts including composition writing instruction and assignments , grammar, literature analysis, and reading lists.

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Each year of high school includes scheduled participation in student-selected community service projects. A verse-by-verse reading of the entire Old Testament encourages challenging, practical, daily application. Worldviews of ancient societies and their literature are studied and compared to a Biblical worldview. A verse-by-verse reading of the New Testament is combined with personal application from Experiencing God Student Edition and other impacting resources.

Church and world histories are studied from the time of Rome to the present.

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A Biblical worldview is studied in depth and then used to analyze the diverse worldviews found in early American literature. Worldview disciplines studied include theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.

Concepts and skills for spiritual growth are taught to encourage lifelong habits and practices. These disciplines include in-depth Bible study, Scripture memorization and meditation, and prayer. Literature and history assignments continue to include analysis from a Biblical worldview. Science 7th - 12th Grade. Mathmatics All Ages. Language Arts 2nd - 8th Grade. Music and Art 2nd - 8th Grade. Foreign Language All Ages. Enrichment Items All Ages. Learn More. Customer Portal. Error: Javascript is disabled in this browser.

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