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Score, solo flute, solo oboe, solo trumpet, solo harpsichord, solo violin,strings 2,2,3,3,2. Trpts I,II trans.

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Trpts in D:transp. Score 1st movement , 2,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp, strings 8,11,6,8 cello and bass printed together, no solo piano. Score, 1,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp, flute part missing, no piano part, bass plays with cello. Score, 2,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp, strings 4,4,4,4 cello and bass printed together.

Clar,horn,trpt original and trans. Score, 2. Score, 2,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp, strings 9,8,4,4,2 clarinets in A, 2nd also Bb, horns in A, trumpets in D. Score, 2,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp strings 10,13,6,8 cello and bass printed together Trumpet I in F. Waldesrauschen Scintillating and towering performances of two great master works of the piano repertoire.

Dedicated to Mr. Jose Vianna da Motta.

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Never-before-available live recordings of Rachmaninoff Concertos No. Arguably the finest renditions of these works and certainly the most technically brilliant, transparent and imaginative interpretations even when compared to famed Horowitz and Rachmaninoff discs. From she was the star of the Metropolitan Opera and the San Francisco Opera, loved and acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

Very few, if any, can compare with his remarkable achievements as one of the greatest violists within memory, as well as his excellence as a violinist, conductor, and composer. The program includes rare long-out-of-print performances and a never-available-before live recording of the Walton Viola Concerto.

Program 1. Dance Excentrique in C Major. Encores: It was supremely musical and poetic playing as well as a great technical tour de force. Katz is an exception even in a world teeming with pianists of high repute. Four Impromptus Op. Sonata in B-flat Major, Op. Allegro, ma non troppo. Cembal d'amour Sitemap.

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Etude en douze exercices, Op. The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1.

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Preparations involve a thorough study of not only the many types of musical instruments that were available to him, but more importantly, his documented relentless pursuit to improve those instruments in areas of tone color, volume, sustain, the ability to overlap tones, and added richness in overtones.

Sempre libera from the opera La Traviata 30 September, 7. Featuring some of the greatest musicians in history. Presto Chopin: Etude Op. By intense study of these works or even by listening alone, one can get a clear picture of how music was conceived and performed in that era.

This work also allows us to understand with greater depth the three celebrated composers that made it to our times, namely Chopin, Liszt and Mendelssohn. We must remember that such greatness could not develop in an artistic vacuum but was in fact a result of fertile exchanges of ideas with the now mostly forgotten other ten composers. Shehori Plays Chopin, Vol.

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Ballade No. Scherzo No. Mordecai Shehori Plays Chopin, Vol. Indeed if elegance had a middle name, it would be Shehori. At last there is a pianist who not only understands the power of gentleness but puts it to work at every opportunity. Though it goes without saying that his technique is impeccable, sometimes more is afoot when he plays, as if he had found a way to harness the storm before the calm.

Shehori Plays Liszt, Vol. Sonetto Shehori, who was born in Israel and studied at the Juilliard School, has developed a cult following in New York piano circles, for good reason. He certainly possesses a suitably big technique — one does not offer the public Brahms's Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel and Liszt's arrangement of the Polonaise from Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin" without reliable fingers. Still, mindless and heartless keyboard fluency is not uncommon nowadays and perhaps never was.

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Shehori apart from most virtuosos with their off-the-shelf performances is the poetic inwardness and rapturous intensity of his playing. Shehori Plays Beethoven, Vol. Rondo in G Major, Op. Sonata in C Minor, Op. Sonata in C Major, Op.

Sonata in F Minor, Op. Three legendary string players collaborated in a performance which can be considered the ultimate in playing of great beauty and refinement. Emanuel Vardi was widely regarded as one of the greatest viola players in history and cellist Jascha Silberstein was the first cellist of the Metropolitan Opera for 30 years and had a distinguished solo career as well.