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You haven't???? Well, that tells you a lot. Hold on, gotta cough Back to the other call. Looking at his watch. Take notes if you want to. Marcee follows, always listening. I go across the middle. I see the ball and a dude coming right at me, wanting to kill me, I tell my brain "get killed, catch the ball.

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And yet, nobody's giving me LOVE. And I'm sitting here with an ant problem, look!

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And my brother Tee Pee's room is flooded with water. Tee Pee, who lives free of charge in Rod's house, is a nakedly jealous and more political version of his brother.

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  • Tidwell takes the phone back, and continues through the house, with Tee Pee now following the procession of family monitoring the important call. Are you catching my flow, here?

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    Jerry looks at his watch. Tidwell enters bedroom. Marcee, Tyson and Tee Pee in tow. You listening? It's a family motto. So I want to share it with you. You ready? Say it with me. The lights have gone down in the city, and he hasn't had a chance to turn his own light on. He sits in the oncoming darkness, watching the blinking white lights on the phone bank on the desk. You're still my agent. Tidwell hangs up. Feeling good about the decision, he enters his closet and adds today's shoes to an enormous shoe collection.


    Nearby, Tee Pee shakes his head. It's the iconography of rascism He lands in reclining mode with a soft pooof. The younger turks watch their new leader. Victory is his. He looks back and symbolically flips the light switch off. Unfortunately he hasn't realized the lights are already off. So, in his final gesture, surprising himself, he has weirdly turned the lights on.

    Jerry's door opens. He exits his office with box. He is now in a state of advancing melancholy, slightly unhinged. Many of the other agents now try not to watch him leaving. Downs it and fills it again, rubbing his face.. JERRY -- that there is such a thing as manners. A way of treating people He notices the fish tank nearby. He attemps to be profound.

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    They have manners. And now Jerry feels bravado, mixed with a wave of anger. Another cup of water as he finds power. They're coming with me! I'm starting a new company, and the fish will come with me and He begins dipping into the tank, grabbing the one exotic fish that failed to escape his cup. It's a fire-tailed Peruvian beauty.

    He grabs a baggie from an assistant's desk, shakes out some crumbs, and dumps the fish inside. JERRY continuing; to fish it's okay Nearby, a Xerox Repair Guy watches the human train wreck.

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    • JERRY continuing But if anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the ground floor of something real and fun and inspiring and true in this godforsaken business and we will do it together! Who's coming with me besides But clearly even Flipper is not happy with the new arrangement. Panicked, he whips around the small baggie. Silence, someone coughs, as agents and office personnel look on with equal parts pity and embarrassment. Jerry downs another small cup of water.

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      His lid is blowing off with each second. Shall we? Assistant Wendy looks at Maguire. I have to, uh Jerry absorbs the blow, and takes the keys from the top of her desk. She can't look at him. Jerry stands alone, the blue Mission Statement on Wendy's desk sits accusingly in frame. There is only silence now, the loudest kind. Doesn't anybody believe in the very thing they were applauding three days ago? She has an odd reaction, a muscle twitch of the soul. Before she knows it, she stands boldly, unfortunately knocking a cup of coffee onto herself in the process.

      She dabs at her pants. Next to her, Cleo looks on sadly. Thank you! She gathers her things, increasingly aware of what she's done. Sleep tight! He walks to Dorothy, and together they exit down the hallway corridor, past the framed posters and awards. For the first time, we see the full expanse of the huge SMI headquarters. And down in the corner of the frame, two small figures leave carrying boxes.

      A beat of silence, then noise returns to its normal commercial roar. A couple of fleas have been swatted off the carcass of an immense beast. Jerry Maguire stands with Dorothy, both still charged with adrenalin. And then the first pangs of dread. There is silence. The elevator stops. A young, amorous Couple enters. Both are about 24, and the Guy presses a number five flights down.

      In a moment, we realize they are deaf. They sign to each other, murmuring noises of love. And then the Guy signs something, obviously powerful, because the Girl emits a delighted gasp, as does Dorothy. The Couple are truly in their own world. They kiss before exiting on their floor. And suddenly the elevator seems empty without them. He said "you complete me. They continue on in silence. Loud music. It's a pre-Easter party thrown for the building employees and their children.

      Jerry and Dorothy squeeze through with boxes and fish. Music in distance. Medical, I don't know. He spaces out for a moment. Awkwardly, she touches him briefly. I'll call tomorrow. I'm just a little. I'm a little insane right now.