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The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes: A Venture Into Reincarnation

Aamer Rahman, one half of the comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet, nails this in a sketch on "reverse racism" , in which he imagines what the world would have been like had it been colonised by black and brown people. He ends by seeing these colonisers from Africa and Asia subjecting "white people to coloured peoples' standards of beauty, so they end up hating the colour of their own skin, eyes and hair".

Describing The Girl With Blue Eyes

Toni Morrison explored this in her novel The Bluest Eye, in which a young black girl hates herself because of her looks. She dreams of having blue eyes, the eye colour of choice for the midwestern American society she lives in. This association that blue eyes have with fascism or colonial oppression carries over into the relation they have to danger. When Peter O'Toole died recently, a string of pieces talked about the beauty, wildness and danger present in blue eyes, including my own. O'Toole's blue eyes are at the centre of Lawrence of Arabia; in them we see Lawrence's madness, coldness and vision.

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They are terrifying but beautiful, like a wolf's eyes. So too, Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, his clear blue eyes a haunting shorthand for "this guy is a dangerous psycho". In Homer's Odyssey, the goddess Athena's blue eyes are "flashing" - she is beautiful, but she is dangerous. These negative associations will not stop the celebration of blue eyes. A group of Kashmiris pulled up, one leaning down to look straight at me through the window, his dark skin set off by eyes as blue as mine.

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I've never forgotten the startling beauty of the contrast. I remembered it again years later, when I spent a month in the north-western Pakistani state of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the border of Afghanistan, where there is a persistent myth that the blue-eyed inhabitants are descended from a lost regiment of Alexander the Great's army. This combination, of dark skin and blue eyes, seems to be one shared by ancient Europeans. It is a combination that unites us, rather than dividing us.

Finally, there is also sadness in blue eyes. Her eyes are pure and strange and they are beyond him now.

Pulp - Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)

Now, we can add a new image to this tableau, one of a dark-skinned man trekking across the wilds of ancient Europe, in the mountains of northern Spain, his spear ready, his blue eyes flashing. Topics Beauty Opinion.

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Anthropology Archaeology Genetics comment. Something similar happened with the protagonist in this story. Somethings unexplainable, unimaginable, Something incomprehensible to other people.

The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes | Lawrence Block

Armaan Sinha who falls in love at first sight with a girl from his college Tanisha. Tanisha was a shy, composed and calm girl.

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  8. On the other hand, Armaan was carefree, a bit reckless and a spoiled brat which he himself admitted being one. At the beginning of their relationship, everything was going well as two having totally different personalities from each other yet they manage to keep their relationship alive. But destiny had some different plans for them as an unexpected turn of events.

    Armaan getting caught up in a huge car accident where he almost loses his life.