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A New Revelation

Are they are reliable source of information and dire It's Still There Does God truly love you in a personal way? Does the Lord know you and care about you? He demonstrate Where did he come from? Is ignorance bliss on this subject? There is a battle goin You Are Responsible This lesson focuses on the law of God.

What is it? Are the ten commandments still binding? Weren't t Christ promised to return to receive His pe Many believe in ideas that are followed by the A Colossal City in Space Is heaven for real? What does the Bible teach us about heaven? It is a real place, the dwelling plac When the sacred institution of marriage is n Are the Dead Really Dead? What happens when you die? Does your spirit live beyond your body in a conscious form? Is the soul i Buried and Forgotten by God The Bible teaches that baptism marks a turning point in our submission to God. You change masters. Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?

What happens to the wicked when they die? Do they go directly to hell and burn for eternity? The Bib Coming World Blackout What does the Bible teach about the millennium, the thousand years spoken of Revelation 20? It begin God Drew the Plans God made a visual illustration of salvation through the sanctuary. There were three physical temples You Wouldn't Do This? What does the Bible teach about health? The Lord wants us to be in good health as a way to glorify G Isn't it a sealed book? And what does the message of the thr A Christian is Who is the Antichrist Who is the antichrist?

Is he alive today? We learn that beasts represent kingdoms. Waters represent God uses many different analogies to teach us about tr Facing the Judge What does the Bible teach about a coming judgment? There are three phases of judgment. The first pha The first has been identified a What's Wrong with my Church This lesson focuses on Revelation 17 and the immoral woman who represents the fallen church. She sit There are so many different denominations.

Has the gift of prophecy stopped with t Worldwide Embezzlement Scandal What does the Bible say about money? In the judgment God will look at not only who we are but we do We want to live for God because of our love for Him. About the time she got to where I was standing, a car came down the street. The driver pulled up to the curb, sounded the horn, and she got into his car. He backed out, turned the other direction, and started out of town—and suddenly I was sitting in the back seat!

They went out in the country and committed adultery. And I watched them. I was still in the cloud. Suddenly I heard the sound of my voice, and the cloud lifted. I was standing behind my pulpit.

I looked at my watch, and. While I was shaking hands with people as they went out the door, this young lady came by.

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On the basis of that questionable experience, Hagin determined that the girl was promiscuous and assumes to this day that she was guilty of adultery. He follows that report with a similar one, where he was suddenly transported into a car where another young girl was supposedly engaged in moral compromise.

Many people get off into error seeking experiences. Would God really transport Hagin miraculously into cars so he could witness acts of adultery? Did God talk to Oral Roberts? Did he write a song for Linda Fehl?

Are Christians still receiving, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, direct revelation from God? Can people today—writing songs or books, preaching or teaching, or making decisions—legitimately claim that they are under divine inspiration? How strange and remarkable it is! If one speaks in the fellowship of the Spirit the Word of truth, it is neither his own thoughts and reflections e. The Spirit as the living God moves through and beyond the records of past witness, however valuable such records are as a model for what happens today.

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What is Williams saying? That is a frighteningly relativistic view, but it is growing in popularity as the Charismatic Movement expands. Edward N. Gross, noting this deadly trend in the church today, observes:. The age of models has come.

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A model takes the place of a law. Models are human perceptions of truth. They are tentative and thus subject to change as new data becomes available. These models are open and constantly tested. No scientist dares claim any longer that one model is the way to explain all known phenomena for fear that some newly discovered data will prove that scientist to be a precipitous old fool. The world of science has progressed from the old approach closed systems to the new approach open systems. There should be no confusion in this area. This is the issue. If the Bible is complete, then it represents a closed system of truth.

If it entails a fixed and absolute standard of truth, then the teachings of Scripture may be ascertained and dogmatically asserted. I certainly do not. Nor do I. Scripture is a closed system of truth, complete, sufficient, and not to be added to Revelation — It contains all the spiritual truth God intended to reveal. Unfortunately, that does not convey the true meaning of the Greek term used in Scripture.

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Reading it in has misled many people about the meaning of inspiration. They have assumed that God breathed some kind of divine life into the words of those who penned the original documents of Scripture. It is the very breath of God! Scripture is God Himself speaking. That truth is one many people seem prone to misunderstand.

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It does not mean gems of revealed truth are concealed in Scripture. It does not mean God merely assisted the writers. It means that the words of the Bible are the words of God Himself. Every word of Scripture was breathed out by God. Take into your heart all my words which I shall speak to you, and listen closely.

A key passage describing how God speaks through Scripture is 2 Peter Theologian Thomas A.