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I want them to be on the edge of their seat salivating for the next book in the series. From early reviews, I appear to have accomplished my goal as everyone has said they just cannot wait for book 2. What can you tell us about book 2?

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The second episode in the series is called Curse of the Phantom Brotherhood. The more he discovers who he is, the more his life is thrown into peril. I fully expect for that to be completed and out in the public by late summer. So stay tuned! Tell us a bit about yourself. It is an American sport I suppose, but I love it. I love animals, especially dogs. I have two golden retrievers of my own; Sophie and Lily.

I was raised in Orlando, Florida and have never really had a desire to move. I love to chat and make people laugh. Some people use it as a soapbox to express their most recent political opinions or a forum for complaints. Me, I just like to meet people and talk about them and what they like. Hopefully I can throw a few jokes in there to keep it lighthearted, much like my own personality.

Sounds like fun. What is your Twitter account? I prefer to use social media to connect and chat with friends and fans than to constantly berate you with sales pitches, so hit me up. Do you have a website? I do have a website. The human characters think his name is Owen, because nobody's called Orion.

Never mind the bombast and the gimmicks. Tell us what happens. Orion thinks he's the only surviving member of his family, but when Ding ding ding! You know there are a lot of "how to write a query" sites out there which tell you you need to start with a hook, or a log-line, or something like that. This results in a lot of queries that have two opening paragraphs.

Updated 19 November 12222.

This is such a query. And yeah, it's way too vague. Other than that Orion, like Hamlet, is seriously contemplating avenging his father's murder, I can't tell what this story is about. I sold a novel a year ago that's coming out some time next year. Marketing hasn't started yet. Dude, you haven't even got an agent yet. It's way too early to start marketing. What if your marketing succeeds? What if you get all the kiddies saying "Yes! Give it to me now! Buffy, when I was an undergrad I worked in the writing lab, and there was another student who worked there who was named Orion.

He was very beautiful.

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He had a kind of pudgy girlfriend. Later he left the writing lab and went to work at a bookstore. I don't know if he left the pudgy girlfriend. Well done, EE - a thousand queries harpooned, that would add to about ten thousand laughs for your minions, quite a feat. And kudos to the minions for providing at least six thousand fake plots. Have any of the fake plots ever developed into real stories?

I cant get past a game of hide-and-seek in a YA novel. Orion's an adolescent, right? Was he drafted into playing it with a bunch of pint sized cousins at a family get together when their parents just wanted to drink? No, he's the last of his family, so no cousins for him. So he was playing hide and seek with his peers?

Hmm, it doesn't ring true. I think either drop the game from the query, or give it an ounce of context.

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Oh, something about the query. I have a cat named Orion. I'm sorry, author; I have no sense of who Orion is your Orion, not mine , what the stakes are, why Daddy's dead or why I should care about yet another Chosen One. Make me care. Specifics are a good first step. The other question about starting a marketing campaign before the book's been bought is what happens to it when the publisher decides to change the title and the characters' names? How embarassing. I must have misunderstood Happy writersmackybutts!

I also know an Orion. Who knew it was so common? It's like witnessing Arnie pumping his thousandth six pack of iron, Bruce Willis shaving his head for the thousandth time, Marilyn Monroe having her skirt Congratulations on reaching superb dispensations of advice. You've helped countless writers throw themselves off cliffs. I'm sure Grish will be along any time now to add his applause to the chorus of cheers. And I'm here thinking, "Who calls their character Onion? OR my eyes.

Tim Greaton Forum...

Or something. Way to go! Congratulations oh most Evil. And thanks for all the help you've given me, no matter how bad my stuff was, you treated me with dignity and showed me how to do it better.

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Total awe, respect and I still want to mind meld. Writing your obit was very cool, that it made it on you site,well, it doesn't get much better for me. Best, Mac. I am delighted to see the writers of this century are taking advantage of the technology to link up with Evil Editor. But why Mr. Because Nigel, there are many terrible writers who need help and I believe Evil Editor addresses the need in an astute and accurate manner.

That's the 2nd recent comment that seems to suggest Mr. Peabody's boy was named Nigel. It was Sherman. Wait, were the cartoons dubbed into British, and they changed the name to Nigel? How awesome for us that you have dispensed so much advice, hilarity and kick-assness for so long. We are forever grateful. And what's wrong with the name Orion? It's a lot simpler than some of the kid's names these days - or some of the adults for that matter. Why did you use the verb "knew" in those first few sentences?