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But the most significant early advance was the Vocoder: a machine developed by Bell Labs in that transmitted speech electronically, in a kind of code, for allied forces in WWII. The Vocoder was the inspiration for author Arthur C. The difference between those voices and the voices of today, however, is as stark as the difference between Splenda and pure cane sugar.

These early robotic voices sounded robotic because they were totally robotic.

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Instead, you made a computer speak by programming in a set of acoustic parameters, like you would any synthesizer. Hence the synthesizer approach produced speech that was intelligible, but not remotely human. Not even a child would be fooled into thinking they could actually chat with their Speak and Spell. By the early s, computers finally got fast enough to search through giant databases for the right combinations of new words, allowing companies to start producing natural-sounding concatenated voices.

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Around the same time, artificial intelligence developed to the point where computers could make increasingly sophisticated decisions with regards to language. An adult human will make the correct determination automatically based on context. A computer must be taught about context.

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Robo-voices not withstanding, the promise of text-to-speech has been evident since the dawn of personal computing — Apple even offered a text-to-speech reader in the first Mac. But it was the widespread adoption of mobile technologies and the internet that really fired up the demand for voices. The ability to access information, hands free, is a tantalizing proposition, particularly when coupled with speech recognition technology. You can see how important text-to-speech has become by watching what the tech superpowers are doing.

While the tech sector gets excited about the future of speech, there is one group that is surprisingly not psyched about it: voice actors. Although there are actors, like Day, or Allison Dufty, a voice-over actress who has done many jobs for Nuance, who are willing to speak publicly about their work, those actors are few and far between. Ironclad NDAs keep many actors from associating themselves with specific brands or products.

Talent agents who have relationships with technology companies who do this work are often hush-hush, to maintain their competitive advantage. And in the absence of information, paranoia reigns supreme. Scholars and practitioners in school districts around the country are collaborating to build an asset-based counter-narrative about young men of color and develop evidence-based strategies to better serve them. Researchers and practitioners from seven sites gathered in New York City to share system-level strategies that challenged deficit mindsets and implicit bias, nurtured healthy and respectful relationships, and developed culturally sustaining practices.

In this VUE issue, you will read some of their stories.

This issue also provides perspectives from students, educators, researchers, and policymakers. Jo enjoys sharing her relocation experience and love of Tasmania with anyone thinking about and planning a move to Tassie.

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