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The Story Behind ‘Love You Forever’ Will Change the Way You Look at the Book

Visit Daniel Howarth's blog. Longtail is faster and cleverer than Littletail - but that won't be forever. And at the end of a busy day, as they curl up in their nest, Longtail reminds Littletail of one thing that will stay the same - always and forever Read these reviews. However you can still buy a signed copy and may be able to order a remaindered or second-hand copy through Amazon by using the sales links below.

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Official Music Video)

The phrase cropped up in a conversation with my children 1 and it struck me as a very appealing and evocative title for a picture book. When I looked it up on Amazon something I routinely do with ideas for book titles I was surprised to find that, at that time 2 , it had not been used for a picture book, so I thought that I should write one.

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The story was originally about two squirrels, Bigbrush and Littlebrush, playing in a tree. The structure of the story was similar to the published version, only with different activities such as nut-cracking and piggy-backing. However there was something unsatisfactory about this early version and it was turned down by all of the publishers that I showed it to. Daniel's early sample illustration of Longtail and Littletail.

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  4. So I wrote another draft, changing the characters from squirrels to mice and changing the activities to three games. This, and some improvements to the rhythm of the words, seemed to give the story a far more satisfying feel. This new version of the story was taken by Sophie Winter-Cole at Gullane, who suggested Daniel Howarth to illustrate the book.

    Sophie sent me a small sample illustration that Daniel had done of Longtail and Littletail shown opposite , which was so full of character and warmth that it was obvious that he was the perfect choice. Father and daughter mice beautifully illustrate the special bond between parent and child in Emmett's latest.

    I’ll Be Loving You Forever

    Littletail and Longtail spend the day in the forest playing games: chase, hide-and-seek and follow the leader. Although Littletail is good at these games, Longtail is always better. But Longtail reassures her that he won't always be better-someday she will be faster, cleverer and just as big as he is. But one thing will always be the same, no matter what: "I love you always and forever.

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