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And then he recounts what happened the day that we've already seen part of, when there's an explosion on a lake and Jack dives into the water. At the beginning of that day, Nick is sleeping on the beach of the Vietnamese village where Jack's unit is based, and befriends a young Vietnamese boy.

The pair go fishing on the lake, and Nick's method is to throw a grenade into the water and wait after the explosion for the fish to float to the surface. In the scuffle, the live grenade ends up on the boat floor. Nick screams for the boy to get off the boat, but he doesn't understand English. Nick dives off, and the boy is killed. The boy, it turns out, is the son of the woman who gave Jack the necklace. Nick tells his niece and nephews that he never got the chance to tell Jack that it was an accident, and based on Nick's anti-Vietnamese attitude established in past episodes, it seems safe to assume that Jack thinks Nick purposefully killed the boy.

He considers, ever so briefly, returning, but instead goes home to Pittsburgh and tells Rebecca he was visiting "someone" from the war. The present-day Rebecca is shocked to discover, via a vague text, that her children have found Nick. She tells Miguel Jon Huertas that she feels like she should have done more to help Jack, to force him to talk about what happened in Vietnam.

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And now she will settle for nothing less than the truth about it all. After their visit to Nick, the siblings stop at the same store that Jack did all those years ago how convenient! Randall takes the gun away, and Kevin puts his hand on his uncle's shoulder. SW: Five men stumbled out of the mountain pass so sunstruck, they didn't know their own names couldn't remember where they had come from, had forgotten how long they'd been lost. One of them wandered back up a peak, one of them was barefoot, They were burned nearly black.

Their lips huge and cracking.

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Fourteen of them died along the way. JD: it just shocked me, I mean I knew a lot about the border. At least I thought I did, I'd grown up, you know, in South Texas my parents were immigrants, but just like I couldn't believe that um that, that you know that this was, this is somebody's world. JD: And he's trying to reconstruct the story about who these men were that died from from, from exposure. LN: Jason gets out to Tucson, Arizona, and he manages to convince someone from a local NGO to basically like show him around and be his guide.

He was like, "All right, you want to see this stuff. I'm gonna take you real deep into the desert and see what you- what you're made of. LN: And Jason says he suddenly noticed that the, the desert ground below them, was just covered in stuff. And those things are kind of sprinkled across these migrant trails. JD: Just sort of sticking, sticking out between two rocks.

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I mean there was no flesh other than the LN: Jason and his guide, the folks he was there with, they began to search the surrounding areas for other parts of the body. JD: I mean really the goal was to try to find this skull. Um, because in terms of, you know, um identification, I mean your best luck is gonna be if you can get, if you can get the, um pieces of the skull.

JD: But we never find the skull. And I realize that nobody's ever going to identify this person. There's just not enough left of them. And this is not JD: Birds swooping down and pecking out the eyes. LN: And over the next several years, Jason would end up putting together this truly startling portrait of lost stories, hidden statistics, little known policy decisions along our southern border that completely upended how I think about this issue.

And, one of the things that Jason ended up telling us about that we found most striking was simply. Five bodies one year. Six bodies another year, seven bodies another. And then all of the sudden,. Um, that was the system for a long time, I mean.

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JD: Well, in the mids, there was a lot of pushback against the visibility of fence hopping, and it all kind of starts with this little-known story. TH: Latif, do you ever think how your life would've been totally different if you were just born somewhere else? Of course you've thought that. LN: If I was born somewhere else? Yeah, of course. I mean I think about that, I feel like I guess I got distracted at that point?

LN: And on their campus they have this huge football stadium with those big, you know, Friday Night Lights, uh. TH: But, there is something a little different about it and that is that almost all the students here. LN: And, on this particular day, they were gonna have a debate in class, and one the debaters, one of the kids who was gonna be part of the debate, was late.

JS: Albert often came, came late to class. And so we'd been waiting and waiting and waiting for him. JS: And I thought you know the security guard brought him in because he was you know out doing some miscreant stuff like smoking pot again. JS: And, and so I kind of lay into Albert for being late again and for you know not holding up his responsibilities to his class. No no no no no. Albert says that he had been at the handball court playing with his friends and then when it was time to go from the court back to class,. TH: These two border patrol agents appear, out of nowhere, in their green uniforms, and they just start demanding to see his papers.

Like who are you? Where are you from? Let me see your ID. And they actually told him. JS: That he needed a federal ID of some sort for them to believe at all that he was a United States citizen or belonged on the campus.

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LN: Juan started asking around different students being like hey have you had anything happen with Border Patrol at school? MDL: And they go, what do you have in the bag? And I go, books, you know what else would I have in my bag? And they were like well let us see.

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  5. One of them ripped the bag out from my hands as I was trying to pull it away from him, the other one grabbed me and pushed me up against the truck forcibly took the bag away, rifled through it, pushed me off of the, pulled me away from the truck, threw my bag at me and told me to get out of here.

    LN: As these stories came out it became clear that even the staff had had its run ins with the border patrol. We talked to the assistant football coach Ben Mario. He told us there was this moment he was driving with two of his football players, they got pulled over by the border patrol and one of them actually pointed a gun at his head.

    My name is coach Ben Murio. Coach at Bowie High School. I have my football players.

    Episode 5: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 1

    LN: And the other thing to know about it is that it's like it kind of has a mirror city on the other side of the border which is LN: So the two cities are separated by a this little sliver of the Rio Grande, but they were essentially the same city up until when the US invaded Mexico and annexed half the country. And even now, according to Juan-. I mean I go to the dentist over there. I buy cigarettes over there. Okay, I smoke, yes. Ok, ok? I mean this is literally one community.

    Like jobs in construction. TH: Though you had tons of people getting these permits to come into El Paso, legally but then you had all these other people. LN: He told us that when, when he was on that job, before dawn, you could go down to certain parts of the Rio Grande. The rush to cross the Rio Grande into El Paso LN: And there are videos where you can see this, you see hundreds of people wading into the shallow parts of the river.

    TH: Around this time, in there was a television interview and Dale Musegades. He's the sector chief of the Border Patrol in El Paso. He's wearing his green hat with his green uniform with his gold shield on his chest. TH: Yeah, Exactly. MK: And David Ham, a former border control agent, told us that what that meant was that you had migrants, you had a lot of migrants, who would be coming through that hole in the fence.

    DH: And the way I know that because I worked at anti-smuggling unit. We'd watch them come through. TH: Border Patrol agents had taken to just sort of hanging out around the school, on the school's property, on the football field, across the street from the school like just. MK: There were even rumors that border patrol agents would go undercover as students, and that they would, you know, wander the halls, that they would go into the locker rooms. JS: But, the whole reason you know that I thought they were there was the chainlink was cut and they need to stop people from entering into a high school.